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Deposit a Complaint:
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Are you a victim of Corruption?

Have you suffered loss as a result of Corruption? Are you tired of Corruption in Cameroon? Can you no longer bear the Pain of Corruption by doing nothing in the face of such malpractice of which you have been a direct victim and do wish to recover your deprived right? Do you want an end to Corruption, which drains our Resources and makes us Poor and Unemployed?


What you can do as a victim

You can Call the Hotline Number: +254 788 223 885, Or write to us at And make known your grievances to a specialized team who are ready to listen and help and are as determined as you to act against an ill that is wrecking our society affecting hundreds of people. You can lay a claim to all what has been taken away from you through corruption by court action. You can sue the perpetrators of the act of corruption in court and be paid compensation for damages incurred. You can obtain Free Legal Assistance.

Corruption and the Law

Do you know that Article 134 of the Cameroon Penal Code Punishes Corruption with a sanction of 5 to 10 years’ imprisonment? Do you know that Corruption is the case of “Any public servant or government employee who, for himself or for a third party, solicits, accepts or receives any offer, promise, gift or present in order to perform, refrain from performing or postpone any act of his office …? Do you know that Corruption is a leading Cause of Poverty, Unemployment and Insecurity in Cameroon? Do you know that as an upright and responsible citizen you can say no to corruption or take recourse to justice to eradicate this pandemic?

Who are we?

Anti-Corruption Organisation (AC) is an International NGO that combats corruption by empowering citizens who are victims of corruption by offering Free Legal Counselling and shouldering the Court charges. Anti-Corruption Organisation Cameroon has been operating in Cameroon since March 2008. Its Head Office is in Yaounde.

What do we do?

Anti-Corruption Organisation supports and empowers the victims of corruption to take legal action against perpetrators of the act. Anti-Corruption Organisation pays for the court charges, the fees for the legal experts, such as Lawyers and Bailiffs who undertake to assist victims of corruption in all their legal proceedings, in view of recovering what they have been deprived of and claiming reparations for damages, even before payment of legal dues.

More Facts About Corruption

Corruption is a reprehensible ill according to sacred texts like the Holy Bible the Holy Koran and others. All social actors unanimously denounce it in Cameroon. According to its 1998 and 1999 reports, the NGO Transparency International classified our dear fatherland as the most corrupt country in the world. Officials, public and private media as well as the clergy recognise and denounce acts of corruption, which continually slow down and actually paralyse the socio-economic and politico-cultural development of our fatherland. Given this inglorious practice, the Cameroonian Government has taken strict institutional and legal measures:

Such as the enactment of the 1990 Liberty Laws (Law No. 90/053 of December 19th 1990) which amongst others empower Civil Society Organisations such as Anti-corruption Organisation to assist the State in its mission of promoting and protecting the Common Good.

Do not fold your arms and wait on the Government or on Foreign Activists. The above Law gives you the power to become an activist, so that you can personally fight and free yourself and Cameroon from the Evil of Corruption Destroying it. Fear Not, God and the Law are on our side!

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