Citizen Led Monitoring

Citizen Led Monitoring-Improving Access to Basic Medication

Several reports including AC past investigations have gathered much information about
the problem of corruption and ineffectiveness of distribution of subsidized healthcare
mostly around the programs of mosquito nets distribution and ARV treatment for HIV
patients. Among the problems identified in the global analysis of the health system in
Cameroon are – the qualitative and quantitative inadequacy of basic medications and
inadequacy of monitoring and evaluation of its distribution.

While more solutions are explored to increase effectiveness of distribution of subsidized
basic medication and carry a better monitoring and evaluation of its program, complaints
on denied subsidized medication arrive from beneficiaries to the AC corruption hotline
on a weekly basis.

Using the award-winning Ushahidi opensource software, the project allows citizens to
text reports into a centralized system that filters the “crowd’s” voice into a reliable visual
map thus using beneficiaries to monitor a development project, redefining indicators of
success or failure for a development project. The project empowers development
beneficiaries to reclaim development as their right rather than accept it passively as a
charity handout. It introduces a fight against corruption led by citizens rather than the
state or international community.